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Under His Control

My son wanted to attend a guitar performance of one of the world's most-renowned classical guitarists; and so did I. My husband and I thought that this would be a great experience for him. When the time came to order the tickets, my husband decided who would attend with him. I did not reveal this but I wanted to go this one time. Most times, my husband attends individual functions with the kids, since his schedule is more flexible. So, as I sat in front of the computer to place the order, I called my husband to ask which one of us would be attending. He inquired as to the cost of the tickets. When I told him, he said our son would be attending unaccompanied and paying for his own ticket. Wrong answer, I was highly disappointed. I thought of begging, even pleading my case, but I reserved that right and held my remarks. Besides, if "The Lord" did not see fit to allow me to go, then I ought not insist against His will. He is Lord over all circumstances, not the spouse, boss, parent, friend, neighbor, enemy or self. When I turned my attention to that truth rather than sulk in pity, immediately peace came over me. I said in my heart, "Oh well, maybe next time." I ordered the ticket without another negative thought or emotion.

The day of the event finally arrived. I accompanied my son to his usual Friday guitar lesson. During the lesson, the instructor informed me that one of his student's parents had tickets for the concert but could not attend and did not want them to go to waste. He asked if I was interested. Reluctantly, I answered yes because I was concerned that I would not be able to juggle things on such short notice. I told him I had desired to go to the concert. A barrage of questions flooded my mind. How would I retrieve the tickets with my hectic schedule? How many tickets did she have available? I needed three if I were going to take advantage of the offer. Would the tickets be reduced or free since money had been an initial factor? I wondered how all of the details would work out, but then I remembered God's admonition to cast all my cares on Him for He cares for me. So, I cast off the doubt and resigned that God would work things but after the counsel of his will.

The instructor called the lady and told her that I was interested. He asked about the price of the tickets. Indeed, not only were they free, it was just the number I needed - three. At the end of practice, he gave me the address for pick-up. It is just like God to leave no stone unturned, for the pick-up address was in route to home. Rarely are my older kids home to assist me, but that day someone was there to do hair and dress the twins for the event. I called home and gave instruction to have them ready by the time I arrived. Everything was perfectly orchestrated. Obviously, God's plan prevailed. The show was great. God showered his loving kindness upon me and presented me with a perfectly wrapped gift--a concert for free, which was my heart's desire!

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