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About Us

Early Beginnings

Early Beginnings

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BG Harmonies is a family group that was birthed out of their father’s vision for his children to develop a strong family unit and to instill that same unity in future generations.  He thought what better way than through the one thing they all have in common—music.  His idea began to take form when he attended one of their orchestra holiday season concerts.  Five of his children participated in the performance.  Upon his return home that night, he had the children to re-perform the music piece as an ensemble of five.  He could not believe what his eyes saw and what his ears heard.  From that point forward, his group of five children grew to eight, plus the four-year old in training.  Since then they have been performing as a mini-orchestra at various venues throughout South Florida.   Though BG Harmonies came into existence for the purpose of unifying his family, he has found great pleasure in sharing his children's talents as a public service to the South Florida community.  

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