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Intro to Growing Bushes

People often want to know my secrets to raising my nine children.  Here is your chance to get in on it. Come and be a part of this awesome opportunity to hear how I attack the small and gargantuan issues of parenting my growing Bushes.  This blog is created to share with my bloggers my time tested techniques, tools and trials of parenting. This site will help parents grow their own healthy, beautifully trimmed bushes.  As I am sure you would agree, parenting is a never ending journey and an ever evolving one filled with both thorns and thistles laced with colorful and cherished moments. As I reflect on my more than two decades of parenting my nine children, I will say that there has never been a dull moment.  Our lives have been full of cycles of challenges, successes and defeats. But with every challenge, success and defeat, I have learned, grown and matured from each. There are still yet new situations and circumstances awaiting me that I will be willing and able to share with you as I continue to become a better parent and mentor for my children and you.


It is my mission to impart the wisdom I have acquired through the school of hard knots and share the many teachings I learned from my own parents. I will be tackling your questions, remarks and feedback.  My diverse experiences have afforded me the opportunity to be able to answer your concerns about growing healthy, mature, secure and successful children and young adults that will be an asset to society. For this reason, parents with babies, toddlers, teenagers, multiples, and young adults are welcomed to partake and enjoy the many benefits extended to you for the purposes of growing children that reflect good parenting skills.  When you need advice, you can always turn to me to get my perspective and solutions that will help you avoid some of the pains and pitfalls resulting from poor parenting. You will also be able to enjoy the fruit of your labor as you become empowered to apply my tried and true parenting techniques tools.


Remember, growing a bush is not hard...just hard work.

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