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Intro to Building Blocks

Building Blocks blog Is my opportunity to share with the prospective, newbies and experienced homeschooling community some of my experiences as a homeschooler of 18 years.  I give credit and thanks to the many homeschoolers that preceded me on the homeschooling journey. It is those individuals, some personally known and others known vicariously that are responsible for changing my ideals about taking control of my children’s education.  Second to my husband, they have had the greatest impacted and influenced on my view of homeschooling. As a result, I was persuaded to join the tens of thousands who dare to homeschool their children for varying reasons. Extending beyond just the decision to homeschool, I was encouraged by the many testimonials and success stories I heard.  That made the journey enticing and gave me the impetus to embark on a life changing experience for me and my family and the patience and persistence to stick with it. For that I am eternally grateful. Without other homeschoolers sharing their journey and shaping my homeschooling experiences, I doubt if I would have ventured into the arena of homeschooling my nine children because the task seemed overwhelming and daunting.  


With that being said, I am giving back in like manner that which I received.  I will be sharing with you some of my experiences with the outlook that you too will be enticed, encouraged and empowered to join other fellow homeschoolers on a once in a life time journey that stands to rewards you and your child with great dividends and unsurpassed experiences.


Remember, homeschooling is not hard...just hard work!

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