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Gisla Bush

Gisla Bush, the eldest is currently employed at the city of Pompano Beach in the department of Zoning and Development as a planner. She has had the privilege of holding a position at Pompano Beach since she was 18 years old. At the age of 15, Gisla started college at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and graduated three years later at 18 with a bachelor’s in Urban Design and a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). At the age of 21, she received her master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning. In 2016, Gisla was selected among the top 100 most influential women in the 50-year history of Florida Atlantic University.  She hopes to one day make a positive impact on Washington as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. In her spare time, Gisla enjoys playing the classical piano with her family ensemble the BG Harmonies.

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