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Our Beginnings

Christian radio changed the trajectory of our lives.  We were both career minded individuals influenced, marred and set in our ways by the cultural and world view of our times.  It was one Monday in 1991 where we would experience a paradigm shift in the way we viewed the role of men and women and marriage and the family.  Our original view on life can be best summed-up in these two statements made by us – “No wife of mine would not work;  she’s going to hump it like me!” and “I don’t want to have any children.”Well, those statements were true on that Monday.  Little did we know that our fundamental view about our philosophy of life would be rattled and result in a full transformation in just 5 days.  Everyday after work, we met together to listen  to the profound, radical teaching of John McArthur as he broke down and simplified the biblical scriptures surrounding of the purpose of marriage.   At points throughout the week, we found ourselves challenged to our very core. But, by Friday we had capitulated.  We were convicted,

convinced and converted that God’s way was right, and our thinking was wrong.  When we discovered that our way was contorted, contaminated and corrupted that is when the paradigm shift in our minds occurred. We would forever change the outlook on what we thought constituted a blessing and what the priority and responsibility of parenting children looked like.  We would now embrace that it is most important to enlarge God’s kingdom on earth by having children and being good stewards over them in accordance with  God’s way rather than society. 

 Since that life changing encounter, Bobby’s new mantra became – “No wife of mine has to work,” and Gisla’s became –“I will have as many children as the Lord is willing to give me.”  About 2 years after discovering the revolutionary teachings of John MacArthur, we married and conceived 2 weeks later.  True to his conviction, Bobby told Gisla that she did not have to work.  However, Gisla continued to work in some capacity even after the birth of their first born to now.  Today, Gisla, has upheld her position about procreating and the couple is blessed with a quiver full.  

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