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Food for Faith

Do you believe that when you bless others you are just blessing yourself? Most people say yes I believe but are really just paying lip service. You are a conduit to receive a blessing IF and WHEN you obey God's laws on sacrificial giving. In the Bible, when the widow woman of Zarephath gave, she had no idea she would receive a blessing. In fact, she exclaimed that she expected to die because she had given the last of what she had to sustain herself. In exchange for her giving her last morsel, she received enough food during a famine that lasted at least 3 years. 1 King 17:7-16. This story sounds like one of the stories from Grimms Brother's fairy tales. However, the reality is that when you give sacrificially, your story is bound to sound bazaar too because God, who never ceases to wow us, is behind the scene fulfilling His promises.

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Food for Faith

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Food for Faith

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Food for Faith

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