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Don't Take the Bull by the Horn

A few years ago, my husband was trying to plan a family vacation. He knew our children needed a break from their rigorous schedule, especially sense they didn’t take one during the summer. He tried to plan it for Thanksgiving, but it didn’t work. He thought Christmas might work, but he didn’t know our daughter had to prepare for an exam during the holiday break. He was getting frustrated. However, another vacation opportunity came. Another daughter was selected to be honored at a national planner’s conference in Atlanta, Georgia. He immediately started planning our vacation there since the scholarship was paying for travel to the event. Unfortunately, we had family scheduling conflicts. Finally, he thought spring break would be perfect but again one of our daughters had to complete her internship.

After four failed attempts, he was incensed. It was beginning to be apparent; a family vacation

would have to wait. He was not convinced but declared nothing would prevent vacationing the

following summer. My husband was determined; he had a plan but the Lord would determine our


We received an email from an organization wanting our daughter to participate in a

conference for scholar students at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida. To celebrate her

achievements, they offered her complimentary registration and accommodations for her and three

family members. However, upon my husband’s request, they agreed to accommodate our entire

family of eleven! He also requested transportation expenses. They agreed under the stipulation that

my daughter would be a part of a Q & A session. We gladly consented. When we first received the contract, we were shocked how God had set-up our long awaited vacation. They offered a package worth $10,000 in exchange for Grace’s participation in the Q & A! The kids were astonished at the grandeur of the resort, likening it to a castle. We had four day, three night hotel accommodations with five rooms and free meals. We were even given VIP seats at a John Legend concert and our daughter even took a picture with him backstage!

So after nine months of unsuccessful attempts, God revealed to my husband He heard him and had given him his heart’s desire. He had no reason to be anxious because God had already worked things out in our favor. What could have been a mediocre vacation, God turned into a lavish exquisite excursion. Who can beat God’s giving! The family learned an invaluable lesson about casting our anxiety on Him and waiting.

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