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Crawl Under a Rock

Some years ago I was summoned to the pastor’s office. I was both shocked and embarrassed to have had my family dispute divulged to the pastor. I could have opted out but, of course, I needed to defend myself. Everyone had the opportunity to be heard and I took my time to explain the situation thoroughly and truthfully. After everyone had given their side of the story, I expected the pastor to rule in my favor. To the contrary, he reprimanded us all. He asked, “Who’s going to be the Christian?” If there had been a rock there to crawl under, I would have crawled under it. Was not this about determining the truth based on the evidence? This is how it works when a lawyer tries his case. However, God’s administration of His laws works differently. The pastor exegetically explained that God was not interested in the material things governing this dispute, but was interested in relationships (people). To make the point clearer, he went so far as to say that God would burn this “thing” up if need be. He further counseled that this situation was bigger than just us; but, if not handled properly would adversely impact all of the families involved.

Pondering the outcome of the meeting, I accepted that the facts were really not the issue. However, I was still in disbelief that the accuser had so misrepresented the truth. The meeting kept playing over and over in my head. As I departed travelling towards I-95, I felt a sharp piercing pain travel from one side of my temple to the other. I knew at that moment that if I did not let this matter go, I would suffer a stroke and possibly die. I dropped it! I heeded the pastor’s spiritual advice to place relationships over things. Now, a decision would have to be made. First, my family and I would need to find a place to live. That night my husband and I discussed where we would go, but we did not see eye-to-eye in that regard. I was unyielding. He ultimately made the final decision that we would obtain a mortgage rather than rent. The reason that I was so unrelenting was that I had experienced the captivity of debt and vowed that I would owe no man but the debt of love. I went to bed distraught with mixed emotions— hurt, anger, hopelessness and defeat.

Yesterday’s burden spilled over to the next morning. I was disillusioned. Later that day my brother brought to my attention that a house in Carver Ranches was being sold for delinquent taxes. Based on the events of the prior night, I knew I’d better not approach my husband with this. Admittedly, I felt resentful and did not care if he/we lost out on the deal. However, my conscience would not let me persist in this unholy, demonic thinking. I resisted the devil and he fled.

I then called my husband at work expecting him to be as cold as I was. However, he shockingly gave me instructions to move forward with investigating the tax deed property. I asked my brother to accompany me to the property. When we got there, he asked to speak to the owner. The occupant gave a name and confusing directions to the whereabouts of the owner. Soon after, my husband arrived and suggested that we go to the Taylor’s house because he knew that Mr. Taylor was one of the oldest residents of Carver Ranches and might know that person. It checked out and Mr. Taylor had his daughter escort us to the owner’s house. This was about 6:00 PM. We talked to her about buying her house. To our utter amazement she told us that she would give it to us for free! Say what? All that we needed to do was pay the taxes the next day. She deeded the property to us that evening and the rest is history. Only God can do exceedingly, abundantly, more than we could ask or think. We moved into that house without a debt. I released my accuser from the offence. And, today, that house is providing my family with monthly rents! What I thought were the worst days of my life worked together for my good. Hallelujah!

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